When choosing an essence, whether it is a combination essence or a single flower, it is important to look at what is going on in your life, to examine the changes that you are already working on, and what the core causes of the problem or change may be. If you are depressed, then maybe the Clearing Depression mixture is the right one to take. On the other hand, maybe you have dealt with the issues around your depression and now need to replace the pattern with joy, so the Balancing and Developing Joy mixture might be the perfect thing to help with that change. Or it may be helpful to take both remedies alternately, to clear the depression and to replace it with patterns of joy. The important idea here is to aid your Spirit by working with the core issues that are already present and to work on replacing the negative patterns with positive ones. Remember that once you clear one issue, like guilt, you will probably also be clearing aspects of lacking self-respect, confusion, lack of joy, etc.



     In a general sense, emotions can be described as a body reaction. Emotions, such as anger and fear, literally seem to rise up from the abdomen and spread like wildfire through the body while 'higher' emotions, such as love and joy, seem to spring from the chest and spread their warmth from there.. Other emotions like hate and grief can spread cold throughout the body.

Clearing ANGER--Anger is basically a reaction to not getting or accepting love into your life. Anger itself is not a bad thing; there are many times when it is VERY appropriate to express it. It can break down walls with which people protect themselves and it can release the body from the powerful forces that sometimes grip it. The problem with anger lies in not getting to its real cause and in taking out on others what we feel about ourselves or our pasts. Too many times we are taught that anger is bad. Expressing anger inappropriately is the real problem and what makes it such a difficult one to solve. Letting love with with this emotion allows it to be both released and resolved. This essence mixture will help clear out the anger and the close-mindedness that shuts us off when we get angry; it will help fill the open and painful place, open up the heart and set in motion new patterns of warmth and outflowing love.

Balancing and Developing COMPASSION--To develop this emotion and response, we must develop kindness, faith in ourselves and others along with a knowingness that we can be separate from others in a positive way. We must learn to operate from a place of universal love, a love that comes from the heart and is felt for all living things.

Clearing DEPRESSION--Depression is formed through a combination of repressed emotions, self-judgment, negativity and taking on the negativity of those around you. This mixture works on clearing these problems and replacing them with new patterns of expression, helping to get out what is troubling you. It helps increase feelings of calm anticipation and releases the pressure of emotions and judgments.

Clearing FEAR--Fear is directly linked to failure to face or express something. It often arises when we fail to face the truth or our own feelings, or when we fail to express our feelings. Fear is also directly related to anger; it seems that fears grow within us because at some point in the past we failed to express anger at outrages we felt on mental, emotional, physical or moral levels. Anger can be a positive expression of power that, when properly used, can release or ward off negative energy that is being pushed at us. It is a way of clearing one's space and reclaiming it. Another component of fear and its ability to grow within us is the lack of self-love that most of us feel; we do not have the basis of self-worth that builds strength and courage. With these characteristics, fear would have no ground to sprout. Awareness of a higher cause in our spiritual lives is an aid in working out fears. If we align ourselves with the spirit and energy of men like Jesus or Buddha, we align ourselves with the more positive energies available to us on the plane. This in itself will help keep fears away. This mixture provides essences to work on all these issues.

Clearing FRUSTRATION--Frustration seems to start from a lack of self-unity, when the mind, body and soul are not working in harmony. It can also arise from the inability to see what our limitations are and how best to deal with them. This mixture helps clear these issues and bring in energy for decisiveness, for helping us see our world in the sense of long term goals and helps us see the wisdom of the world in which we live.

General EMOTIONAL BALANCING--This combination essence is meant to bring in a general sense of well-being and calmness. It clears feelings of unworthiness and inner turmoil, replacing them with compassion for yourself and others and it strengthens spirit to help keep you emotionally balanced.

Clearing GRIEF--To clear grief we must let go of the reluctance to express our emotions. We have all been taught, to some degree, that we must remain strong in the face of adversity or we will totally fall apart. We need to learn to let our inner feeling out and remain strong. This mixture helps in these two areas. It also helps increase the flow of energy around us and helps us see the unity of all things, that life and death are both a part of the unity and that endings bring with them new beginnings.

Clearing HATE--Hate develops when we experience external pressures that leave us feeling there is no way out. This essence mixture helps us to become detached, to develop fresh points of view, to set in motion the ability to change old habits and to increase the ability to bring positivity into our lives rather than holding it at arms length. This is definitely a mixture that should be taking in conjunction with other essences such as Balancing Love or Joy.

Clearing HUMILIATION--The definition of humiliation is 'lacking all signs of pride, aggressiveness and self-assertiveness'. It is based on fears of others, lack of decisiveness and lack of faith. This mixture combines several essences to work on these problems and to build faith in yourself.

Balancing and Developing JOY--To help bring joy into our lives this essence works to help clear depression while replacing it with understanding and breaking down patterns of pushing away positive feelings. It will help us accept the good that comes into our lives, raise the energy levels in the body and aura to let more good feelings in and to unify the mind, body and soul.

Balancing and Developing LOVE--This essence mixture will help us come to understand what our own needs for love are and what the needs of others may be. It will help redefine our social understanding of love and help bring in new definitions that will expand our individual awareness of the love that surrounds us on this planet.

DREAM AID - This remedy assists in reviewing emotional releases while we are asleep and assists dreams coming forth and the cognitive memory of pertinent information from them.



     In contrast to emotional-body reactions, attitudinal reactions start in the mind and spread into the body. This chain reaction can happen so quickly that we feel the body reaction before we know what is happening. Upon closer examination we can discern that the action of the mind precedes the physical response.

Balancing and Developing AGGRESSIVENESS-- An imbalance of aggressiveness seems to be a reaction to not being able to feel your own protection and, therefore, feeling that you are losing control. This mixture helps by giving you an essence to help develop decisiveness, clarity and spiritual sensitivity.

Clearing APATHY-- Apathy seems to be directly related to unexpressed anger or nervousness in expressing anger. To help deal with this problem, we have put together essences to help you express anger and to turn nervousness into calm anticipation. Also in the mixture are essences to help us see clearly and to help instill the ability to be pleasant, to get along with others and develop an overall positive attitude.

Clearing CONFUSION--Confusion comes from patterns of entanglement and disarray that control your life and from being ill at ease with the world around you, yourself and your thoughts. We have combined essences that will help by clearing the patterns of uneasiness and of disarray and entanglement.

Balancing and Developing DECISIVENESS-- To aid the balance and development of decisiveness, we have put together essences for changing mind-control into spirit-control, for expanding memory and for strengthening the spirit.

Clearing DENIAL-- Denial seems to arise from patterns of humiliation and despair. To help alleviate this problem we have put together essences to clear humiliation and despair, as well as essences to help find peace in the heart.

General ATTITUDINAL BALANCING-- This mixture is meant to bring on an overall mental well-being and feeling of good will on an attitudinal level. The combined essences it contains help balance mental and spiritual control, give superficial thought more depth, aid you to be more present, bring endearment into your life, and help you to gain some of your lost, childlike qualities.

Clearing GUILT-- Guilt is a direct response to acting or wishing to act in a way contrary to the teachings of parents and society or to subconscious needs. We have included essences in this mixture to deal directly with guilt, essences to help clear the emotional history of the mind, body and aura and an essence to help bring in gaiety and laughter to replace the guilt.

Clearing IRRITABILITY-- Irritability is related to self-destructive feelings, not expressing them and letting them out in little ways, hoping that they will cover over the larger problem lurking underneath. This mixture contains essences to help remove these destructive tendencies to help us get to the real problem and to help break down the resistance's that perpetuate this pattern.

Clearing JEALOUSY-- Jealousy seems to be an inability to express anger, a fear of loss and a reluctance to change. We have contained essences to help clear these problems, as well as essences to help develop reliability and compassion and to broaden our understanding.

Balancing and Developing NURTURING-- To allow the natural tendency to nurture to become manifest, we have combined essences to help clarify emotions, to lift the need to seek approval and essences to clear old patterns as well as to help change them. In general we want to become more comfortable with ourselves and be able to reach out and give to others.

Balancing and Developing OPEN-MINDEDNESS-- Close-mindedness comes from internal turmoil, powerlessness due to humiliation and an imbalance of the lower chakras (energy centers dealing with the physical) and the upper chakras (energy centers dealing with the heart and spirit). This mixture contains essences to deal with these problems and essences to aid the development of the powers within.

Clearing PARANOIA-- Paranoia seems to be directly linked to the fear of death and the traumas surrounding death as well as the tendency to be ungiving to ourselves. We have combined essences to clear these patterns and help breakdown patterns of resistance, as well as bringing in new patterns of warmth and opening of the heart.

Clearing TENSION-- Tension is related to holding onto emotions and despair. This mixture contains essences to clear despair, the tendency to hold onto all kinds of problems and stresses and helps to get to the bare bones of emotions. We suggest that you consider taking an essence with positive qualities to help bring in new patterns.

Balancing and Developing SELF-ESTEEM-- The lack of self-esteem seems to be based on an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. To aid in working out this feeling, we have combined essences to clear powerlessness, along with essences to help face adversity with calmness and to help develop self-respect.



     We created this separate section and included the specific problems within it because they are a combination of emotional and attitudinal reactions. The essences themselves describe the core of each problem and give the specifics to work with it.

CHANGING HABITS-- To be able to change habits we must first be able to look at our problems without bias. To aid this process we have put together essences to clear self-judgment, the feeling of being overwhelmed and to clear sadness about letting go of old patterns. We have also added an essence to help see ourselves and our habits with gaiety and laughter.

Balancing and Developing COMMUNICATION-- Lack of communication seems to be the basis for the majority of personal and worldwide troubles in the world today. One of the main obstacles to people learning to communicate with each other is the lack of ability to sort out exactly what the problem is. We tend to become overwhelmed and confused by the various viewpoints and possibilities around us. These conditions, then, play on the basic guilt most of us experience when confused or overwhelmed and the problem compounds itself. This mixture helps eliminate these states and also brings in compassion, understanding and the ability to see all points of view.

Balancing and Developing CREATIVITY-- This mixture helps balance and develop creativity by clearing disorderliness, by developing spiritual sensitivity and awareness and by helping learn how to still our minds to let the creative process take place.

For DIVORCE-- This mixture helps to release disarrayed and entangled patterns of living, let go of patterns of resistance and will help us understand the nature and value of weeping and its release. This combination will help us find peace and help us get on with the new beginning that has been created.

Balancing and Developing EGO-- First, I want to express my understanding of what EGO really is. It is power, force and drive that stem from the body and the spirit. These can be used for either positive or negative endeavors. Once negative traits are cleared, the positive side of power, force and drive can and will give us the ability to look a new day in the face with excitement and to push ourselves through difficulties to attain a goal. This mixture will help balance positive and negative sides of the ego and will develop the positive aspects of it by helping us step outside ourselves to see things from a general point of view. It will help clarify emotions that bring out the negative ego and replace them with compassion. The mixture will also help balance the ego with the will of the spirit. Negative ego maintains power through fear and manipulation of emotions, so either the Fear or General Emotion Balancing mixtures may be appropriate to take with this mixture.

EMERGENCY MIX-- This mixture can be used for internal and external injuries, wounds or problems and it will help clear all levels of shock, trauma and fear. After years of use, we have seen numerous cases of healing that are remarkable. It can be applied externally and will stop or ease pain, take down swelling, remove bruising, heal bug bites, and remove redness and itching. On an emotional level it will release fears and trauma. It contains essences for easing physical pain, for removing emotional and physical confusion, for clearing fears, for healing the etheric body from physical wounds, for solidifying the aura after a trauma and for clearing physical shock and trauma. Use it for your plants when transplanting them; for your pets before and after trips to the vets or from fights and wounds, and for any human trauma.

ENERGY BALANCING-- This mixture will work on balancing all the energy fields in the body and will help align you with the earth's directional energies. By balancing these fields, you will probably also feel an increase in your overall energy since imbalances in these fields weaken the body and spirit.

Clearing EXPECTATIONS-- Expectations are born of one-sided viewpoints; often we see only our viewpoints and give no thought to others' circumstances and views. To help change the tendency to look at the world in this way, we have created a mixture that will help us realize we are operating from a one-sided point of view and it will help us see the whole picture. This mixture will help bring all parts of us the the forefront to aid in understanding what is happening.

Clearing INSOMNIA-- It appears that the main problem with insomniacs is that they feel that they should be up and doing, that they are responsible for too much and so cannot give themselves the luxury of sleep. To help you cope with your body's requirements, this mixture will help make you lighthearted, more comfortable with yourself and clear out the self-judgment that keeps you awake. It will help unify the mind, body and soul so that none of these parts can occupy and take over your thoughts. Before you take this mixture you need to examine your sleep patterns...maybe you really only need 3, 4, or 5 hours of sleep at one time and 1, 2 or 3 hours of sleep at another time.

For KIDS OF DIVORCE-- Though all parties suffer when going through a divorce, the children involved in this situation need special help. This mixture will help them let go of the guilt they feel for possibly causing the divorce, it will help them develop an adult sense of reasoning around the trauma and it will help them face this adversity with calmness.

PRE-MENSTRUAL/MENSTRUAL MIX-- This mixture is to help women get in touch with their bodies and menstrual flow. It will help their bodies remember how to deal with this function in a calm manner. It will help maintain adult reason, thereby lessening emotional tension. It will help women understand any sadness they may experience and aid the expression of internal feelings.

PROBLEM SOLVING-- Learning to solve the problems that life throws our way is a major step in which all of us could use some help. To deal with problems successfully, we must learn to let go of rigid attitudes that hold us in a pattern of repeating mistakes over and over again. While letting go of this tendency, we must learn to be decisive and sensitive. This mixture will help with the above issues and will also put us more in the flow of life and help understand unity, completeness and wholeness and how to bring these into our lives.

Balancing and Developing RELATIONSHIPS-- This mixture offers aid in understanding the workings of relationships with yourself, with others and with the world around you by ridding you of problems and feelings that have been hanging around for a long time. It will help balance your energy and let you focus on the priorities in your life. It will help you learn to love life, eliminate self-judgment and put things in perspective.

Balancing and Developing SEXUALITY-- Most of the problems that people have with sexuality stem from the misleading information that they have picked up as children from parents, school and society. This mixture contains an essence that will help eliminate patterns that ensnare us and scatter the information that our bodies offer us. It will help us find peace with our bodies and our sexuality and to come to a greater understanding of what it means to be in a body and have peace of mind.

Clearing STRESS-- Stress comes from a personal lack of understanding what we can and cannot deal with in our lives or in the world. We are not taught to find the limits that we all possess and need to acknowledge; we are not taught techniques of self-mastery which will enable us to learn how to remain calm under pressure. An obstacle that society throws at us in learning to cope with stress is that change is something to fear, so we resist it. This fear keeps us from easily dealing with life's changes. This mixture helps us deal with the above issues and helps us find within ourselves the protection and power to withstand stress and the change required to ease it.



     The following combination essences for different age groups describes the kinds of problems that are presented to us from infancy to old age. These mixtures will help work with the ages indicated, though, an older person may need to take an essence for a younger person if they skipped over or missed a lesson offered within that time frame. Until the age of 29 years the two sexes are dealing with the same issues of change and growth, but after 29, men and women start dealing with changes at very different rates.

TURNING 2-- When children go into the 'terrible twos' a huge amount of new information comes to them from the world around them and they are internally challenged with a flood of emotions and powerlessness. It can be more than scary to them, yet they push forward. As they move from infancy to childhood. This mixture will aid them in making the necessary transitions by lifting pressures, aiding understanding, developing fresh points of view and by balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This mixture can be used for children from 2-4 years.

STARTING SCHOOL-- This mixture is for the age group from 5-8 years. Children in this age group are learning how to fit into society. This mixture helps them deal with external negativity and pressures, helps calm the internal turmoil that functioning in groups can produce and helps them think more clearly and with more decisiveness.

PRE-TEEN (9-12 Years)-- This age group is concentrating on stabilizing itself before going into the hectic teens. This essence combination will help them cement the interactions of the spirit and personality, keeping them in touch with their long-range goals and ideals. It will help them keep their communication clear and aid in carrying this trait into the teens.

TEENS (13-19 Years)-- This is probably one of the hardest times of growth and passage that we experience in our lives. We are letting go of our parent's ways and our childhood, but the exact direction we are traveling is not yet clear and free of troubles. Our hormones and bodies are changing and letting emotions rise to the surface that are, at their best, difficult to manage. This mixture helps the individual make changes at a rate that they can handle emotionally. It will help straighten out the entanglement and disarray that overwhelm them and will help lift the despair while leaving hope and direction in its place.

ADULTS (20-29 Years)-- The first nine years of adulthood are usually spent clearing out the parental and social patterns we were taught so we can find out who we really are. This mixture helps us reflect on the past and helps unify our different parts. It helps us to come to terms with our desires and to better understand what being a world filled with other people really means.

WOMEN (30-50 Years)-- These twenty years of a woman's life are about bringing things to completion. This mixture contains aids for finding unity and completeness in relationships, for increasing circulation in the body and aura, for helping reflect on the past, present and future, for developing the spirit and for forming inner power and strength.

WOMEN (50 Years Plus)-- If women experience a mid-life crisis, it is more likely to happen around 50 than around the socially-thought-of time at 40 years. Menopause changes a woman's focus from nurturing her family and others around her to a deep need to focus on HER life and direction. This mixture will help women understand that the path they are following will change and need more commitment from them, that they will be redefining their paths and coming to new understandings of their purpose. And that they must not draw away from life but recommit to new directions.

MEN (30-40 Years)-- After going through their 20's men find themselves in a time when positive action is necessary for them to develop into the men they wish to become. To aid them in this most wonderful growth, we have put together a mixture that will help them to find inner peace, to seek and to come to know truth, and to open themselves to the power within to find their own paths.

MEN (40 Plus)-- The male mid-life crisis results from men realizing that they have created confining worlds for themselves, worlds in which they feel they are plodding through life. Along with this unsettling insight comes the knowledge of where change might lead them. This mixture will work with these issues and help men find the self-approval they seek.



ADVANCED MEDITATION MIX-- This mixture is for those of you who have been meditating for some time and wish to reach deeper levels. The essences in the mix are for purifying the aura, for balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, for opening the 7th chakra and for developing depth in your 'seeing' or understanding.

AURA BALANCING-- The aura, the ball of electromagnetic energy that surrounds everything, will be purified, cleaned and balanced by this mixture. There are essences in it to help develop and balance inner power and clarity and aid the connection with the higher Self.

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT-- This mixture is to help clear the path for intuitive development by increasing spiritual sensitivity, by keeping us solidly in our bodies while helping the powers within move outward into daily lives and awareness and by helping unite our different parts.

MEDITATION MIX-- This mixture is meant for the use of beginner and intermediate meditators in their endeavors to reach a satisfactory level of internal calm and quiet. This mixture will balance the brain to ease the flow into the alpha state; it will help develop faith and hope in this endeavor, it will help get you out of your body and it will aid you in bringing back information from the etheric realms.

1ST CHAKRA-- The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with physical survival issues such as health, work, money, housing, death, etc. The essences in this mixture help clear out feelings of being unclean, unhealthy or undeserving, help remove feelings of unworthiness, and help balance emotional crisis.

2ND CHAKRA-- This chakra is located around the lower belly and deals with sexual and emotional issues. This mixture helps balance the 2nd chakra by releasing feelings held deep within the body and psyche, by balancing the hard outer shell with the soft inner parts of emotional selves, and by reawakening the knowingness we lost in childhood.

3RD CHAKRA-- Located in the solar plexus, just beneath the sternum, this chakra deals with the balance of physical and spiritual power, the balance between body and spirit. It deals with the flow of power in and out of our lives also. If you need to develop your power, if you let others control you, if you feel your stomach turning over in tense situations, this mixture is for you!

4TH CHAKRA-- The fourth chakra deals with the heart and universal love, the love that flows from plants, trees, animals and the spirit realms, as well as sometimes from human to human. This mixture helps balance the 4th chakra by bringing in truth, emotional uplifting and peace.

5TH CHAKRA-- This chakra is located in the throat and deals with communication and creativity. This mixture will aid in the balancing and developing of the chakra be releasing emotions that block communication and creative flow, by balancing the flow of energy from the spirit into the whole body, and by putting one in touch with the flow of life.

6TH CHAKRA-- The 6th chakra or 3rd eye is located in the forehead and is the link to the universal computer, that is, the place where we can access all information available in the universe. To aid in tapping into this source, we have put essences together to bring in love and kindness, by aiding the ability to 'see' and by clearing the need to seek approval from others.

7TH CHAKRA-- Located on the top of the head, this chakra deals with spiritual and psychic awareness. The balance of spiritual and religious beliefs operates from here and the major connection with the Spirit or Soul comes through this area. The essences in this mixture aid the function of this chakra by balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, by opening the 7th chakra to increase the flow by bringing unity, completeness and wholeness to the relationship with Spirit and by helping us come to terms with being alone on the one hand and yet totally with Spirit on the other.