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Flower Essence mixtures (or Flower Remedies) are holistic and spiritual tools made from the essences of wild and domestic flowers, grasses, plants, shrubs and trees. Flower Essences and Remedies are used for Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Change.

Golden Earth Herbs is pleased to present the Flower Essence Connection Flower Essences!

We offer our thanks to Shelley Summers, the originator of the Flower Essence Connection, for giving Golden Earth Herbs the new leadership in the formulation and production of these amazing Flower Essence Remedies! We are committed to the same high standards and quality!

We are using over 260 different individual flower essences in the 61 combinations we currently offer. There are many more being created to be presented in the near future!

These Flower Remedies are obtained from plants of the Desert Southwest and possess a powerful energetic vibration for healing and well being!

Please follow these links to learn more about our Flower Essence Connection Flower Remedies:

F.E.C. FLASH INTRO - experience the magic of animated fairies and flowers in this award winning flash intro.


ABOUT FLOWER ESSENCES - how do they work, who can use them, about the combinations, what combos are available, picking the right combo essence.

FLOWER ESSENCE COMBINATIONS - get detailed info about each of our combination essences.